Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So, McCain believes himself to be a liberal, apparently

My sister sent me this link to a Times piece about the origin of the word "maverick." The piece is short, but in summary, it explains that the Maverick family from which the term originated is totally offended that McCain calls himself that, because the word and their name is linked to progressive and liberal values.

Even if we are to go off of the more "standard" definition of maverick (someone who takes a stand independent of others in a group, Webster's College Dictionary), I don't see how this description fits McCain at all. As far as I can see, his "group" is the GOP (Grand Old Poopheads), and since he has voted with his party 88.1% of the time (Source: WaPo), I guess that doesn't make him a "maverick" of the Republicans. Unless disagreeing with your party a mere 11.9% of the time makes you a maverick.

I'm not saying that McCain should be voting against his own party more. There isn't anything wrong with voting along your own party lines. You belong to that party for a reason, and that reason is that you often agree with them. I am saying that he's NOT A FUCKING MAVERICK.

Also, I was watching the season finale from the first season of Roseanne today (you know, the one where she stands up to her sexist asshole boss and quits the job at the plastics factory), and it got me all riled up because that show was made 20 years ago and the issue featured in the episode isn't laughably archaic yet. And people actually want to elect officials who will do NOTHING to fix those problems. Or better yet, who will exacerbate those problems.

If you have forgotten what a gem the first season of Roseanne was, you should netflix it ASAP. I swear that show was like watching my own family. I make no apologies for identifying with TV's favorite white trash family.

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Lucy said...

I think people are getting caught up in the "little things".

What does upset me, is the mean spirited politics and it looks like McCain has stooped low and I don't like that at all But not too worried about a word, actions speak louder and I do not like his ad about Obama being a terroist, that is just ridiculous!
I think his campaign advisor should be fired!!!!
And what possesed him to do it( he resorted to old ways and showed his age)I think he did himself in!

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