Saturday, October 11, 2008

He's an Arab

This was already posted at one of my all-time favorite blogs, BitchPhD, but this blew me away so much that I had to re-post it here:

First of all, even though he did not handle it particularly gracefully (immediately countering the claim that "Obama is an Arab" with "he's a good family man"? Arabs are not mutually exclusive with good family men), I think this is the single most admirable thing that McCain has done his entire campaign.

Secondly, it is SO FUCKING SAD that McCain's supporters are so nasty that he had to make a speech telling them to calm the fuck down and be respectful of Obama. Because his supporters were screaming things like "Obama is a terrorist!" and "Kill Obama!" at rallies. When you have incited your supporters to such a murderous rage, you have failed. And your supporters have failed as human beings (And I know that I made a joke about wishing McCain would have died in 'Nam, but the key word is "joke." Those people screaming at McCain's rallies aren't joking. Those batshit insane people would ACTUALLY kill Obama if they had the chance. Oh wait. Some neo-nazi meth heads already tried).

If I was a politician, and one day I realized that my supporters were a bunch of Klan members and racist old ladies who think that "Arab" is a dirty word (it's the new N-word!) , I would be so ashamed of the terrible monster that I had created. I would be so ashamed that I would totally re-think every single goddamn thing that I had ever said over the years that caused disgusting wastes of human life to gravitate towards me.
I would think really, really, fucking hard about it.
I would think.
John McCain: Are you thinking yet?

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White Trash Academic said...

I have become increasingly concerned about the level of enmity from his supporters. It has gone beyond ridiculous into scary territory. My friend had a dream the other night that Obama was assassinated and she realized that this has been on her mind from the beginning but, due to recent incidents, seems more like a possibility.

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