Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So, I get to kick him in the balls if I see him now, right?

Did anyone catch Bush the Elder making this reeeeeeeeeaaaally sexist joke in a speech to some sort of automakers' forum?

Because I'm home from work today (no heat in the office! Woo hoo!), I've taken the liberty of transcribing it, just in case you'd rather read it:

"One time, we thought we'd outsmarted the crowd. We sent a decoy limousine off in one direction, while I snuck out in the back entrance. As we rounded the corner-I'll never forget it-uh, I saw one of the ugliest and angriest women I have ever seen in my entire life. Boy, she was really bad. And she charged my car with a sign-and I don't see why the secret service let her up that close, right next to the window-'Stay outta my womb!' No, problem, lady."
America, how could we have let assmonkeys like this be PRESIDENT?? Why doesn't Bush just tell a black joke while he's at it? "Ha, feminists are UGLY and ANGRY and they can't have sex because they're so UGLY. Get it?" Bush, feminists exist because feces-heads like you can't figure out that women don't exist just to look pretty and have sex with you. She's angry because you DON'T FUCKING GET WHAT HER SIGN MEANS.

"Jokes" like that aren't fucking funny, ESPECIALLY when they come from a former president. It's just scary that this country was run by that man in my short lifetime. No wonder we still have pay disparities and fights about how and when we can have babies and sex and play professional sports. We let a bunch of sexist privileged white men into office. Shame on you, 1989 voters.

Oh, one more thing, Bush. If you think the womb is where sex happens, I feel real sorry for Barbara.


White Trash Academic said...

You know they haven't had sex for like 30 years....

Kim said...

It's sad that this is the elder and wiser Bush.

Phoebe Caulfield said...

UGH if I never hear of another Bush in politics again, I will die happy.

And I really do not want to think of Bush's shriveled flaccid wang. Shudder.

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