Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Does Not Play Well With Others

If I were to make a totally honest resume, the title of it would be the title of this post. Since that's not entirely factual, there would be a smaller, bulleted point below that explaining: "When micromanaged by incompetent supervisors."

I don't hate my job; I hate my supervisor. In turn, she makes me hate my job. "Freya" doesn't deserve her position. She isn't qualified: she neither holds a degree nor has any relevant experience in our field. She got the job because a relative of hers attended the same daycare as the relative of a higher boss. Not only does Freya have no clue how things work in our field, she also lacks managerial skills. She's timid, inefficient, and inflexible.

Since these qualities revealed themselves to me in the last few months, I've smelled trouble. I've had trouble containing myself in the past when working with people like Freya. I've been known to either completely shut down or totally blow my top at some point. This time, I've elected to shut down. I minimize my contact with Freya; I keep our meetings as short as possible; I've stopped offering much input when she asks (she doesn't really want it, anyway. It seems that she asks our opinions just so she can tell us that she's doing it differently, anyway).

So today myself and my office-mate, "Carrie" (who is awesome), had our coats and were heading out the door. I believe it was about 4:55. Freya is at her office door.
Me: We're, out, Freya.
Freya: Oh...*check watch* Carrie, do you have class?
Carrie: Um, no?
Freya: Oh...
Me: Do I need to stay for (other employee who is coming in)?
Me: Ok. Goodnight.

Then Freya proceeded to stand awkwardly and watch us go. It was clear that she had some issue with us leaving 5 MINUTES EARLY. The thing is, Carrie and I are both salaried. There isn't a punch clock or anything. And we had finished our work for the day. But Freya is the loneliest fucking workaholic in the universe. Leaving at 5 is early for her. Which is cool, if you want to be a lonely cat-lady for the rest of your life. But I think she expects Carrie and me to stay as long as she does, which is unreasonable when THE WORK IS DONE.

I come home and open my laptop, to find an email from Freya: "Phoebe, Can you be sure to stop in and see me tomorrow?" Those are what I call "doom messages." They don't specify the subject of the meeting, so it's clear that it's not gonna be nice. The thing is, if Freya was a good manager, she would have either understood that 5 minutes is a negligible amount of time, or she would have asked us if we could stay to finish a particular task (if she even had a task).

So now I have to go in tomorrow and argue over leaving 5 minutes early, like when I was 16 and punching out of my fast-food job early. I can't wait until the day that I get to be the boss.


Lucy said...

That email is so inappropriate. It could have waited til the morning, it is meant to ruin your evening.
I call that Passive Agressive bullshit. In addition, she didn't specify when to see her tomorrow, just be sure to stop in, see, I am the type to not go in until around noon, just to tick her off. I guess I don't play well with others.

White Trash Academic said...

Lucy is right. That is passive aggressive BS. Let us know how the meeting goes...

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