Monday, December 15, 2008

A time for idealism

Maxie at I hate So Much asked her readers to describe their perfect world:

  • My boss wouldn't have some sort of anxiety disorder, and subsequently wouldn't PESTER THE LIVING FUCK out of me 6 hours of the day.
  • I would have fully-developed fine and gross motor-control. I would use this newfound motor-control to wrap lump-free Christmas gifts, eat without spewing crumbs in a 20-foot radius, and drink coffee without spilling it everywhere.
  • The shoe would have hit Bush smack in the face.
  • I would have something chocolaty and delicious in my hand RIGHT NOW.
  • My best friend would be moving in next door, instead of moving 1,278 miles away from me this week.
  • We wouldn't have to second-guess buying kiddie science kits for Boyfriend's cousins, because it might look like we have an "agenda."
  • My grad school would have funded me, and I would be one semester closer to my doctorate.
Fuck. That made me sort of depressed. I have to counter this with things that could be worse:
  • I could still be unemployed.
  • Boyfriend could be unemployed.
  • I could have no Christmas shopping done.
  • McCain could have won.
  • The east-coast ice storm could have hit New York (instead it was 50 degrees today).
  • I could still live with my parents.
I think I'm really reaching now. I don't really recommend trying this list yourself, unless you feel like curling into a ball and sighing deeply for a half-hour.


Lucy said...

Anxiety disorder? Oh, that can't be fun at all. What's wrong with the science gifts? Knowledge is important in life. Oh, well family, you just can't please them. You know what would be at the top of my list!

White Trash Academic said...

Haha..I missed this and am trying to play catch up. As I tend towards melancholia this time of year, I have to keep things in persective...thanks for helping me do that with acknowledging that things could be worse.

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