Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wicked, wicked wabbit

We went to a showing of Wicked last night for our anniversary. We had good seats, not nose-bleed or anything. It was a good show, by the way, but I think I rank it below Young Frankenstein and Avenue Q.

But upon our return that night, the first thing I noticed was that clumps of something were all over our area rug. Clumps of something blue, brown, and tan. All over our blue, brown, and tan rug. And in the midst of these yarn-y, colorful clumps, was our house-bunny. Our bored house-bunny. Our bored house-bunny who decided to occupy his time by pulling up chunks of our rug.


Glad we figured this out now before I went to work on Monday and left him loose all day.

1 comment:

Lucy said...

I loved Avenue Q! Have you seen Spring Awakening? Oh my gosh, we loved that one, we had awesome seats too.
The bunny too cute :) but no fun when little ones leave 'presents'.

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