Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Can it be votez time now pleez?

Ok, we voted. Took about 10 minutes. No problems, no one asked us for ID, no one told us we weren't in the books. Nice and simple. And the machines were those old lever machines!! The last three elections I voted in (2004, 2006 mid-terms, and 2008 primaries) were all the fancy-shmancy computer touch-screens. I liked the lever machine because it made me remember going to vote with my mom, and how she let me flip the switch (I'm sure it was for a Republican candidate, but it was a nice memory anyhow). AND it makes that satisfying mechanical sound.

We celebrated at IHOP with strawberry milkshakes and bacon. Mmmm. Election-day bacon.

And now enjoy my favorite Barack Obama viral video:

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