Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obama in a landslide

Remember the time Howard Dean got his crazy on and right then everyone was like, Yup, this is the end of the line for him. And then Old Howard got into his van down by the river and no one ever heard from him again?

I think last night was that day for McCain. I think that there were a lot of days like this for McCain beforehand, but for the rest of the country, this is the eye-opener. If McCain wins the election after this stunt, then it's rigged for sure. Because there is just no fucking way.

The only thing that will really icing this cake for me is if Obama goes ahead with the "debate" anyway and answers all of the questions by himself. Then I want him to throw down the mic and walk out with his hands in the air. Hell, Obama could punch a baby at this point and I still think he would win.

The polls are all shit (mmm do you think they're polling cell phones for all of the cell-only folks? I bet not. I also bet that that's pretty big demographic they're missing). It's going to be a landslide victory. Seriously. I call it now.

*punches baby, walks triumphantly out door*


ding said...

snort. 'punching baby.'
god that's classic.

Phoebe Caulfield said...

isn't it though?

Maxie said...

I hate that McCain tried to make people think he actually cares about what's going on and then took 22 hours to get back to DC. I really hope that everyone can see through what he's doing. It's disgusting.

Phoebe Caulfield said...

You said it, Maxie. You know some people would step over their own mothers to justify the things that he does.

Lucy said...

Obama, not too sure about this gentleman? I have been a democrat my entire voting life and I am sooo unsure of him. His resume is a little thin and he has yet to tell me HOW he plans to implement CHANGE. I am all for CHANGE, I just want some details. In addition, over the years, I have become less fond of taxes and well, his health care program scares me. Are we getting dangerously close to Socialism with his ideas? As I have aged and worked hard for my money, well, I like to keep most of it or at least I prefer to give it to the charities I choose, not have the government take and disperse it. The government doesn't seem to be doing such a 'bang up' job of handling our funds. Oh well, not sure how I am voting yet!

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